Dropmix Music Game - Music Mixing Game - Dropmix Hasbro Game


Ways To Play Dropmix


Dominate the mix & beat your opponent(s) by reaching 21 points first. Keep the flow going as you explore combos and compete 1 on 1, 2 v 2, or 1 v 2. The mix is dynamic and changing as you drop your choice of tracks onto the board. Out-maneuver and strategically play your cards as you face off, all while busting out unexpected musical mixes!

Work together to answer requests quickly and light up the board with your high score! Gather a group of your friends and have a blast collaborating and creating an ever-changing stream of music mixes. Immerse yourself in the unexpected and exciting rhythms that you and your friends create!

More modes to be announced soon!


Select a genre to see the diversity of songs DROPMIX has to offer, and look at the variety of cards you can play with!

More songs to be announced soon!

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Dropmix Music Game - Music Mixing Game - Dropmix Hasbro Game

DropMix is an immersive music gaming experience that uses groundbreaking music-mixing technology to empower players to create unique mashups with friends. Combining physical card play with a music-mixing app, Hasbro created DropMix music game, with award-winning gaming developer Harmonix, creator of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central. The DropMix tracks feature some of the biggest hits in Pop, R&B, Dance, Indie, Rock and Hip-Hop from around the world.

*Requires download of the DROPMIX application from the Apple App Store or Google App Store